If you could bring back a actor who would it be?

I saw the picture above on twitter and it really got me thinking. In the last few years we have lost some of the greatests actors we will see in any of our life times. A few of the most prevalent names being Robin Williams, Bernie Mac, Heath Ledger and Chris Farley. Here is the question… if you could bring back one person to make one final film who would it be??

For me this is a really tough choice. If i had to pick from that list i would say my first pic would be Robin Williams. From Good Morning Vietnam where Robin Williams plays a Radio voice in Vietnam that during a really tough time for the soldiers helped ease their minds through his hilarious comic radio show to Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams gets his kids taken away and then goes in disguise as their nanny to spend more time with them! Like  David Steinberg his manager of 35 years said: “Nobody made the world laugh like Robin Williams. My brother, my friend, my soulmate, I will miss you.” Personally my favorite quote came from Penny Marshall director of 1990’s Awakenings starring Robin Williams said: “There will never be anyone like him; he truly was one of a kind.”

My second option for one more film would be Paul Walker though he is no Robin Williams his role the six Fast and Furious is just phenomenal and to get to see him be Brian O’Connor for one more role would be a dream. My generation grew up on these two phenomenal actors and to get to see either one on screen again would be great.

No matter what actor you choose whether they are in this picture or not this is a way to common of an occurrence in the film industry of losing actors and actress way to young due to drug overdoses, fatal car crashes, and suicide. As such studios and managers should do more to help these actors and actress on a physiological and emotional level to help keep them stable and if they cannot do that then at least help them to get the help they need. This is an epidemic that we cannot let go unnoticed.

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