Which James Bond really deserves the title of “The Real James Bond”

Over the last 53 years 23 phenomenal James Bond films have been released with 1 more film to come soon. Most people would say that Bob Simmons was the original James Bond as he created the first scene where you’re looking down the barrel of the gun and you see Bond walking then he pulls a gun and shoots the henchmen then blood goes down the screen. This has become the typical starting scene for every Bond movie for the next 50 years to come.

Over a great 53 years 8 characters have played the role of James bond.

1.Barry Nelson

2.David Niven

3.Sean Connery 

4.George Lazenby

5.Roger Moore

6.Timothy Dalton

7.Pierce Brosnan

8.Daniel Craig

So the question which one of this guys played the bond role best?

Personally I would say Pierce Brosnan makes the best Bond he fills the role as a strong kick ass MI6 agent who gets all the ladies! He just looks like a spy and fills the roll so well. Unfortunately the media does not agree with me if you take a look at the a poll taken by the Guardian a news website on Who is cinema’s ultimate James Bond?  Sean Connery receives 46% of the votes, while Daniel Craig comes in at second with 22% of the votes and finally at 3rd is Roger Moore at 12%. The other 20% goes to the the 5 actors.

I just really do not understand how Daniel Craig beats out Pierce Brosnan. If you look at the other 7 Bond characters all have dark hair and have this tough no emotion, job oriented persona. While if we look at Daniel Craig he is a blonde more of a wear your emotions on your sleeve kind of actor bent on revenge. Daniel Craig just does not fit the bill as a Bond but apparently the movie community thinks otherwise. So who do you think deserves the title as Bond.. James Bond?

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