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Hello all my name is Michael Luetkemeyer and I am currently a sophomore at Aurora studying business administration. Also at Aurora i am on the men’s soccer team and a member of the Aurora University LEAD program. I am adopted from the beautiful country of Romania. A few of my hobbies are competitive shooting, playing soccer, and I am an avid movie watcher. I created this blog for my consumer behavior class to pick an industry and discuss about that industry. This blog will be about the movie industry and all of its pros and cons from a college students views on an ever expansive industry that plays a big role in all our lives. From actors pay to how this booming business affects the physiological side of these wonderful characters lives.

Though i do not go to the movie theater much anymore, I try my best to watch a movie a night when I am not watching a particular netflix series.  Most of these blogs i will focus on a few of my favorite shows and series. These movies consist of The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, Law Abiding Citizens starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox and the Imitation Games starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. From a Television series standpoint my favorites are as follows, Dexter starring Michael C. Hall, Prison Break starring Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller and finally House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. Hope you enjoy and please comment your thoughts and ideas. 

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