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A little furious about the fast and furious! Needless to say I have a need for speed.

All the fast and furious fans can remember that day in 2001 walking into the theaters to see the beginning of an epic racing series starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. A little unsure about what was to come we sat in those cramped seats and went for the ride of our lives as we drove through the streets of California in Race wars and alongside undercover agent Brian O’Conner as he pursued Dominic Toretto. As enticed as we were we left the theater wanting more then along came 2 fast 2 furious and as we watch O’Conner bring back his friend Roman to help bring down a drug lord we started to see the fast crew come to light.

So 2 films down and the hook is set more and more people are getting the fast and furious bug and needless to say we want more so on we go to Tokyo Drift this film took us for a quick left turn as we watch Sean Boswell learn to drift and earn the title as Drift King. None the less Sean could not become king alone and in comes the fourth member of the Fast crew Han who is his drift coach through the whole film. So as we leave the theater dumbfounded on whats going on with O’Connor and Toretto we wait and hope for the next action packed film to speed into our theater.

After a long 3 year wait along came The Fast and The furious, personally I think this was the turning point of this phenomenal racing series. It was from this point where Fast and Furious fans saw their beloved street racing movies start to become less about street racing and being more about crime fighting. Our fast crew went from a badass street racing crew to a new part of the government helping bring down the worse of the worse criminals using their exceptional skills. Now I am not saying that these action packed films were not good they were phenomenal but not the fast and furious we have come to know and love.

Then tragedy struck and our beloved main actor Paul Walker and his friend were killed in a car accident. So fast 7 was a tribute to his memory and my next few sentences are in no way a reflection on him. Fast 7 was a great movie but they have gone so far off the street racing path that people have come to love about the fast and furious that it was really hard to watch. It truly become one of those just non stop action films that half way through your looking at your watch wondering when it will be over. The fast crew has created a series that will never be forgotten but I guess you can only street race a car in so many ways before you have to start driving down a new path. For all the great movies that the fast crew has put together me and all the Fast and Furious fans thank you!.