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Is making an extra buck really worth it.

As the years have gone by growing up with movies being a big part of my life I cannot help but to notice that over the years films are getting more and more violent and sadly the ratings are getting more and more lenient. Unfortunately this is a ploy the studios are using to make an extra buck. If the film gets an R rating that greatly decreases the films viewership and ultimately the net profits for the studio where as if you give a film a Pg 13 rating that greatly increases the viewership and ultimately the net profits.

Tim Winter, a writer for fox news wrote an article entitled “It’s time to get real about R ratings.” The example he uses in this article is one of the better examples I have seen. He compares 2 films the first is The kings Speech a true story about King George VI and speech therapist that helps him get ready for the throne. This film was given an R rating because of Language (the F-word is used a few times) there is no sexual content or any violence. The second film is a fiction starring Angelina Jolie entitled Salt is about russian moles implanted in the United States waiting to be activated. This film on a constant basis show Angelina getting the snot beat out of her, multiple assassinations, and multiple scenes of torture and waterboarding and only receives a PG-13 rating. (click on links to see why each movie received the rating it received.) So why is a movie about a king preparing to lead a nation and has no nudity and nearly zero violence getting a worse ranking then a film that constantly shows waterboarding, violence and torture.

There is no doubt that if we take a look at what films are rated now compared to what they were rated back when we were kids films now receiving PG-13 ratings may receive an R or even NC-17 back then. Movie ratings are becoming more and more lenient but is an extra buck really worth allowing these poor ratings to taint the mind of our kids. I certainly do not believe so.