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Marvel and DC: A Superhero Every Person Can Relate To.

Do you ever wonder why Marvel and DC is so widely successful? Some say it is the vast amount of entertainment these two company provides in movies, action figures, and comic books. Others like me say its because they provide something that no other company of this magnitude can provide! They provide characters that everyone can relate to no matter what race, gender or sex you are. They provide you with superheros that represent bigger and better views.

For example Wolverine represents never giving up. Throughout his life he has lost family members, his girlfriends, had memory wiped and was brainwashed to be a mindless killing machine and yet he never gave up. Green Arrow represents that any family body can change and become a better person as Oliver Queen started out a spoiled teen who had everything handed to him then after a few drastic changes in his life he came back with nothing but a compassion for humans and a dream to help make society a better place. Finally my personal favorite Batman, he is the wealthiest men in Gotham City, he could live his life and not have a worry in life. Yet as we see in all of the movies he uses his money to create an awesome bat suite, bat cave, and lots of neat gadgets which he uses to help create a better Gotham City. To me and most avid movie watchers Batman represents selflessness and humbleness (As he risks his life on a nightly basis but never once expects a thank you or for any kind of retribution for his help.) Click here and you can see more of peoples perceptions of some of the greatest super heros.

Another key thing that Marvel does so well to be successful is create lines some of the most memorable lines that everyone can relate to that viewers of all age can take to heart. From the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Phil Coulson “Don’t ever tell me there is no way” to Spider Man’s Uncle Ben “With great power comes great responsibility.”

As I have said a few times in this post it is Marvels and DC Comics ability to create heros that every person can relate to is the key to their success. If they continue to create relatable heros then they will continue to have nothing but success.